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  1. Exchange Information 

  2. Trade Ideas 

  3. Set up a meeting if available

  4. If a meeting is diffcult we can trade     emails and measurements via email.

  5. Once we receive photos and verify a draft design and price is created.

  6. Set up a meeting present proposal.

  7. Once we agree on design, materials and costs, a contract is created for review. 

  8. Review and signing of the contract

  9. Once we receive a copy of contract

    we begin the permit process if one       is required

  10. Once permit is approved we can


  11. We give weekly updates via e-mail

    on schedule and any other issues.



  1. Demolish existing deck if required

  2. Survey & lay out design.

  3. Excavate foundations.

  4. Material delivery

  5. Schedule inspection with your township. (if required) 

  6. Pour the concrete foundation

  7. Begin the carpentry work. 

  8. Schedule a framing inspection with you township (if required)

  9. Complete of the deck build.

  10. Schedule final inspection with your township (if required)

  11. Clean up and move.

  1. We will provide the knowldge to care, clean and address any issues in mataining your decks long lasting beauty.

  2. Any questions, just contact us!

  3. Warranties apply after final inspection and payment.

  4. Optional: Write a reveiw (Angies List)

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